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 The espresso coffee is a long-distance race with international credit. The World Barista Championship (WBC) is the worldwide reference. The barista competition that Cafès Cornellà holds since 2003 respects the same scoring scheme.


The main purpose of the Cafès Cornellà’s baristas workshop is to teach work, because without a source of technical knowledge it is impossible to build a successful career. First step is “Barista techniques, level 1” in order to achieve the complete control of elementary skills. When finish the second level, the barista will be award with 380 points. The maximum score of the WBC is 781 points. Cafes Cornellà recognizes them with a certificate and the Bronze Pin, then, the barista is the responsible and has to strive for professional growth. The Silver Pin is achieved from over 420 points, when they add the expertise of “latte art” to the basic techniques. Golden Pin is reached from 520 points. Cafès Cornellà will give it to all the baristas reaching an excellent gastronomic knowledge, always in the cafeteria frame. They have to be able to express creativity and develop a wide range of specialty drinks, not necessary based on coffee.

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