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Wich are he keys of the coffee business?

It all starts with a simple expression: "a coffee, please!"


The quotidian act of asking for a coffee is the root of our business.


The high quality coffee, when well-prepared, is a strategic product. In the hospitality sector, there is only one prescription: the espresso system.


... If we are able to do a positive swing: "an espresso, please!"


The essential reason of our business is provide satisfaction to our consumers, to every person who comes into our sites to enjoy a coffee.


What is the consumer’s view?


- One out of two consumers thinks that the black coffee he drinks is unpleasant or ordinary.

- Eighty per cent of people prefer coffees with milk.

- Only one in ten consumers is satisfied with its daily coffee.

- Consumers start having more coffee at home*.

(Nespresso® effect)

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