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The model


Cafès Cornellà has been furnishing the hospitality sector for almost a hundred years. Nevertheless, it’s only the latest ten years that we have been working focused on standardising the cup of espresso coffee and commoditize it like a "normal” result.

In the course of this time we have learnt everything we ignored about coffee and its preparation process, we have trained more than four thousand bartenders, encouraging the barista figure and struggling for their status as the real "chef" of the coffee bars. We have, also, completed our catalogue with a wide range of arguments for professional development.

However, we are aware that there is much more to do in developing the cafeteria business model and to put it into its proper place. We believe that we must provide value and satisfaction to the end consumer by developing a small-scale gastronomic offer, fitted to the brunch concept (breakfast + lunch) as in Italy, the espresso birthplace and the best reference. Why not enjoy a breakfast, a snack or a remarkable lunch at an affordable price in the cafeteria?

The "Espresso Spot" concept is our involvement and it aims to become the meeting point around coffee for professionals and consumers who, beyond the daily breakfast, lunch or drink, also choose for sensorial satisfaction by tasting natural and genuine products in a friendly, comfortable and daily environment, as the cafeteria is.

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