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The consumer


If the barista is the "CHEF" of the cafeteria, the consumer will definitely play the main role. The mission of Cafès Cornellà is to provide satisfaction through consumption of hot or cold drinks prepared from an extensive range of dehydrated ingredients with roasted coffee as the main one. We also affirm that satisfaction must be reached also from perfect cups of espresso coffee, with perfect technical and organoleptic qualities, more than the market average, rated by a standard sensorial pattern.


Cafès Cornellà has all the resources for all this become possible and it takes place on the basis of close collaboration with HoReCa customers who have the same goal. The Espresso Point is the representation of this mutual commitment, which aims the consumer satisfaction.


Each cup of espresso is exceptional and exclusive, freshly prepared by a responsible specialist and according to a specific method. The result is an accurate expression of the essence of ground roasted coffee into an aromatic concentration. We all would like to feel this taste, superior to any preparation made ​​from a capsule.


We invite you to the espresso experience, which can be enjoyed in any cafe certified with the Espresso Point distinction.

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