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The cup



How can we identify it?

Proper espresso preparation has particular aesthetic attributes, and the crema is the most significant. The crema is composed of millions of tiny bubbles, which retain the aromatic particles of roasted coffee.

You’ll identify an espresso at first look: A cup without crema on the top is like a fizzy drink without bubbles.



Espresso’s colour is a crema layer of roasted hazelnut colour with reddish reflections and light grooves that remind the tiger skin (from Italian, "tigrato"). The texture must be particularly dense (very small bubbles, almost invisible), velvety, with no air bubbles. Crema should not be cracked or glimpsing the liquid below.

The "tigrato", effect produced by the smallest particles on the espresso crema, provides the highest concentration of the positive aspects.


Excellence is in the perfect extraction.



An espresso coffee is two sips and fifteen minutes of an extraordinary and pleasant aftertaste. Our goal is to provide to end-users a new experience that generates repetition and gives meaning to the cafeteria business.

Preparation of the espresso is a hedonistic, sensitive and accurate art.

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