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The Origin


Coffee is an exotic plant that grows within the tropics and throughout the world. In many producing countries is the major source of income, too often depending on speculative fluctuations of the futures markets. The Arabica variety, especially if it comes to achieving higher quality, requires a very dedicated culture and very intensive labour. These conditions and the fact that many producers are part of the  Third World, has drawn the attention of non-profit foundations and Fair Trade associations, these are, as well, the reason why in the consumer’s countries we can have coffee at relatively inexpensive prices. 


Cafès Cornellà has always had deep respect and admiration for the efforts of so many people who devote their lives to coffee and, year after year, gives the possibility of enjoying the best and most fragrant gift.


Although it could seem a contradiction, we do not like to talk about origins and we prefer to talk about results.


There is no secret in coffee beans: as specialists we buy origins ensuring the result, we have quality control throughout the manufacturing process and storage, tasting, analysis and internal and external technology to ensure the stability of our blends.


Our specialty is guarantee to any customer the positive product’s performance. We can talk about origins, legends, crops and tropical countries, but we will never hide behind an exotic name to justify the quality of our products.

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