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Slow Food


Slow Food Pronouncement

Last century brought the birth and development of industrial civilization, and machinery would suddenly prevail as a life model. Finally, we rush into this new way of life and we all became victims of the same virus: the “Fast-live”, which altered our behaviours, took place inside our homes and pushed us into the "Fast-Food".


However, the Homo sapiens had to recover their inherent sense and relief from this "speed" that can even lead to their own extinction. We must protect ourselves from this universal stupidity about the "Fast Life", through nice and quiet pleasures. In front of a lot of wrong people that confuse efficiency with frenzy, we propose an appropriate dose of sweet and lovely pleasures, spent with calm, enduring satisfaction.


We obviously start from the kitchen with the "Slow Food", to escape of the "Fast-Food" uniformity and find again the richness and scents of the local cooking. If the "Fast Life" in the name of productivity, has changed our lives and damages the landscape and the environment, the "Slow Food" is today's the front line answer.


We are facing a real culture that first begins with the enhancement of the taste and then encourages progress through international exchanges and supporting relevant projects through the history of food culture by protecting traditional food.


The "Slow Food" movement preserves a better quality of life. The "Slow Food" is also an idea that needs the biggest and most qualified support because this way of life, slowly but surely, develops into an international movement, and its icon is the snail.

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